Saturday, October 27, 2012

Back to Fort de Chartres part I

One of several storms approaching.

I have been lost in writing a sequel to the “At Home in the Illinois Country” book, this one focusing on seventeenth and eighteenth century Native American villages and French forts in the Illinois Country. For this reason, I’m afraid I haven’t spent much time updating the blog this summer. However, I finally got a break from the lab and the computer – as we spent another 2 weeks at the site of the 1732 Fort de Chartres.

This year, we opened a larger area, in hopes of exposing the plan of the northeast bastion of the fort. The project did just that – and we now have a good idea of how the fort was built, repaired, and what kind of activities occurred inside. The next few posts will focus on what we found. But first, here are a few snapshots of the 2012 work, and our dedicated volunteer crew. Thanks to everyone who leant a hand in the rain and the cold wind.

More to come….
Site view.
Jane profiling a pit feature abandoned before 1760.
Ron excavating one of the wall trenches that supported the bastion wall.
Robert mapping the wall trenches.
Margaret removing the redeposited remains of a fireplace.
A damp and dedicated crew, October 2012.

Crew pictures courtesy of Corinne Carlson...